Chapter 11 Completed

I finished Chapter 11 of The Worm last night. This feels significant to me because it was difficult to get back into the novel after returning from Sweden. The last couple of months have been a time of great personal and emotional upheaval for me, plus, this chapter forms the start of the third (and final) part of the novel. I wrapped up part 2 and put it on the shelf before writing my last play: ‘The Flood’, so it had been quite some time since I’d worked on The Worm and it was kind-of hard to pull it out of hibernation and turn it back into an active project. But for the past few weeks I’ve been plugging away at it, and now that it’s done, I’m quite satisfied with chapter 11. This is the point at which the novel was always supposed to take a turn in a decidedly darker direction, and it definitely does that. I’m not going to pause before launching into chapter 12. I’ve settled into a pretty productive daily ritual of writing now.

I also intend starting a new short story, titled ‘A History of Flight’. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before. I did a tiny amount of work around this title a few months ago, but over the past few days, ideas have coalesced into what is now a pretty rich, layered idea for a story. This story draws from a play I wrote in 2015: ‘Over the Rainbow’: the story of a 10-year high school reunion. Over the Rainbow is the story of Melanie Hoxey, the victim of high school bullying and Dale Robertson, a classmate of Melanie’s. A History of Flight covers those events that took place back in high school, 10 years before the reunion; the events that would underscore the next ten years of Melanie’s life, and from which Dale, arguably, spends the next 10 years distancing herself.

Christmas is a week away. Looking back over this blog I’m surprised and a bit disappointed to see that I finished chapter 7 on January 1. I’ve only completed 4 chapters of the novel since then, and I still have 4 chapters to go! It’s been a slow year. I certainly hope it doesn’t take another year to reach the end of the novel! I guess, from now on, one chapter per month seems like a good target. First draft complete by end of April! Let’s see.

Happy Christmas to anyone that reads this.


Three One Act Plays – an eBook published

Now that I have three plays for the stage, I realised these three plays could just about form a book; a modest, rather slender book, but a book nonetheless. makes it pretty easy to put an eBook together and make it available, so I’ve gone ahead and made one.

The eBook includes “Final Performance”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Greener Pastures”. I might follow this up by making a physical version of the book as well – Amazon also makes this possible – I’ll see.

I’m very grateful to Mandy Gardner for letting me use her photo for the front cover.