Despite appearances I actually have been working, in a reasonably disciplined fashion, there’s just been a lot of revision involved and it’s time-consuming. I’ve added about 4.5 to 5,000 words to earlier scenes in the writing of Ch13. It’s all about detail at this stage; adding detail.

What I wanted to mention tonight though, is my new house-mate: Wednesday. Here she is harassing me as usual when I’m trying to work. I met her on a rainy day in the engine-bay of a car in Milton about 6 weeks ago and – well, I just thought I should introduce her. She has become a pretty integral part of the creative process over the past few weeks. Either that or a continual distraction. Depending on how you look at it…


Author: payscough

Writer, trail-walker, musician, office drone and law-abiding citizen.

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