chapter 5 finished

Chapter 5 is finished and that marks the first third of the story. A few months ago I posted about this story probably going to 12 chapters and 50,000+ words. This is now revised to 15 chapters and 75,000+ words. I’m at 26,000 words currently.

I’ve finally finished my degree (about a week ago) which means I’ll be able to dedicate more time to the kind of writing I want to do and the novel should start to progress more quickly – but not before I take the next 4 weeks out to write a short play. This will be an entry into the Noosa Arts Theatre one act playwriting competition. When I submitted my first entry in this in 2014, I resolved to do one per year for 3 consecutive years. My story this year revolves around 2 characters: Satya and Verity, a young drug-dealer and an older woman. It’s about place, and the different sorts of claims people have on it.


Author: payscough

Writer, trail-walker, musician, office drone and law-abiding citizen.

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