Leap Year Update: The Worm, The Spot and Gods Eye, all commenced

The past couple of months have been spent developing and outlining my next three projects. This now done, I’ve started writing. I’m excited about all three projects, they all seem to me to hold the prospect of interesting, engaging finished works. They are:

– ‘God’s Eye’. A short story set in the north of England in the year 1,006AD, involving the sin, guilt, judgement and possible redemption of a pathetic young monk named Eadmund. This will be my 9th short story.
– ‘The Spot’ or ‘Greener Pastures’. A one-act play with two lead protagonists: Satya, a street-tough young woman, and Verity, a disappointed and grouchy older woman. This will be my third one-act stage play.
– The Worm. Yes, my novel, or novella, that has been hanging around for a while now. I’ve actually started writing this. Characters are transitioning from flimsy ideas in my head to real, living (sort-of) people on the page. I’ve been spending plenty of time sitting up in bed, Macbook balanced on my knees.

Uni has started up again – today actually – so as usual it’s going to be a busy time. The prospect has also emerged, of working on my one-act plays from 2014 and 2015 with acting students from Brisbane Arts Theatre. This isn’t confirmed yet, but it’s obviously an exciting possibility, and could lead to one, or even both of these plays being performed this year! I’ll post updates here if anything eventuates.

I’m reading ‘Story’ by Robert McKee. A very thorough and insightful – albeit pretty traditional – analysis of the fundamentals of story-creation, and Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’, which I’m hoping might help inform God’s Eye to a certain extent, even though it was written over 300 years after the events depicted in God’s Eye. Well, at least it’s medieval. I’m hoping it will add some colour, detail and authenticity. I’m not really listening to anything in particular at the moment. Though I did notice that Brian Eno has a new record coming out in April, which I’m keen to hear. I’d really like to open the door onto something big and interesting that I haven’t yet experienced. Something that can sustain me for a year or so, like Eno did a year ago. A few weeks ago I thought Fela Kuti might provide that possibility, but somehow my interest is already flagging.

I told Sia last night that I have found the last month disappointing in general, and that’s true. The inner world of writing is challenging and interesting, but in the outer world I find myself only seeing the facile, shallow, meaningless aspects of modern existence. I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of excitement about, or faith in the kind of culture we seem to be drifting towards.


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